About Andy Sivell

Andy Sivell is a writer, editor and publisher. He got his first colony and took up beekeeping in the summer of 2010, having for months bored rigid family, friends and complete strangers about how he was going to take up beekeeping. Eventually his wife ordered him to start up or shut up. So he started – and immediately stopped again when he accidentally crushed his queen within weeks of getting his first colony.

When he eventually did get going again he discovered is that beekeeping is fun, fascinating, and tends to encourage fanaticism. It’s also… a lot more expensive than many websites and textbooks would have you believe, probably because until recently it still was a comparatively cheap hobby. One of the few unwelcome by-products of beekeeping’s new-found popularity is that second-hand hives and equipment prices have shot through the roof. Determined not to get too carried away Andy built his own beehive, a modified national.

This blog provides semi-regular progress reports, and passes on lessons learned along the way.