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Posted by Andy Sivell | Posted in Beekeeping advice | Posted on 12-09-2018


It has been nearly six years(!) since my last beekeeping blog post, and fully three years since I last lit a smoker. Sadly, beekeeping doesn’t mix well with running a business, raising children, moving house (twice), or taking holidays. It can be done, but – I struggled.

What started as an unplanned break from the apiary became a planned hiatus. This is, therefore, my last beekeeping-related blog post (those of you with an interest in marketing will find my scribblings elesewhere). I will shortly be mothballing Diary of a Nervous Beekeeper. Anyone looking for (and its several variants) will soon be directed to Deryck Johnson’s excellent blog, In the apiary. As I have said on many occasions in the past, Deryck has forgotten more about beekeeping than I’ll ever know, so you’re much better served reading what he has to say on the subject anyway.

I’d like to thank all subscribers, all visitors to the website, and everyone who’s been kind enough to comment on what I’ve written to date. I hope you’ve found it entertaining. Above all, I hope you continue to enjoy beekeeping.

I’ll bee off now.

Andy Sivell


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